Baby Shower Favors – Spring Surprise

The ideas for baby shower favors for a spring-inspired party theme are endless. Simply look around you and you will easily find inspiration. Flowers for instance, are the epitome of the spring season, and they make pretty baby shower favors for your guests.
Whether they’re bundled up tulips, a grand bouquet of colorful daisies or mum, or a single stemmed rose, flowers make a statement of love, friendship, and appreciation. Tie a small note card to the flowers with the event’s name and the date.
For a more personalized approach, have the guests exchange signatures on their note cards. For those willing, they can write down their contact information. The baby shower is a great venue for meeting new people and possibly establishing new friendships, all of you having a common friend – the mom to be.
With this baby shower favor, use a pile of small cards tied to the flowers, like business cards. Flowers may die eventually, but the cards with some personal messages, signatures, names, and/or numbers will remain.
Here are a few more baby shower favor ideas perfect as spring giveaways:
  • Plants in mini pots. Strawberry plant is a treat to the eyes.
  • Flower-shaped soaps, candles, or chocolates/sweets.
  • Thank you cards with a flower design and bright color.
  • Baby bottles filled with flower petals.
  • Cookie cutters in flower shapes.
  • Bath and body toiletries inspired by nature’s scent. Examples are lotion and body wash in cherry blossoms fragrance, rose or gardenia scents.
  • Flower pots or vases with small, fresh cut flowers.
  • Flower seed packets. You can add baby’s breath and present them as is, or put them in a mini terra cotta pot, wrap it in colored cello tied with a bow. The more colorful the cello, the more suited it becomes to the spring motif.
  • Find chick baby shower favors on our site ready made . . . perfect for this theme.
Giving the guests baby shower party favors is a sweet and thoughtful gesture. It shows that you and the guest of honor are grateful for their presence on this special day. In return, the guests will feel appreciated. Saying “thank you” means a lot, but to do so with a present, even as simple as a flower or a box of chocolates, goes the extra mile.

Who wouldn’t feel special with these sweet, springtime baby shower favors? Take your pick and enjoy giving out your treats to the guests.